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Feel ALIVE, GRATEFUL, and CONFIDENT AF in front of the camera (and in your life!)

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Calling all Creative and Shy Video Vixens

Want to feel ALIVE, GRATEFUL & CONFIDENT in front of the camera and in life!

Now Introducing...



  • You are ready for a change in your life and need support with consistency and creating good habits to be able to reach your creative dreams and curiosities
  • You know you need to get on video for your passion project and or business (and you've been avoiding it all together)
  • You know the importance of being seen and video on social media is YOUR MAIN STAGE
  • You have been hiding and frustration tells you BE SEEN!
  • You feel "fine" or "frumpy" or "stuck" and new energy is NEEDED in your life ASAP
  • You've been avoiding your feelings and are not connecting with anyone (aka Isolation Queen)

If you are willing to be surprised and get curious with what comes out of your mouth... Then NOW is your time.

Jump in, don't think twice. Invite all your Sister friends. Because all women NEED to be seen and heard.

The time is now.

You cannot mess this up, and no can you get in trouble. This MISSION is FOR YOU!Gratitude brings out the best in you, and you WILL NOT be alone, so it can actually be FUN!

Are you in?

P.S. How you show up (or avoid) in one place is how you show up and avoid all places. Are you ready to finally let go of all of that hiding?

Would you like to do this mission AND get one on one support? GOOD! We got you!

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Your Instructor

Enchantress Shane
Enchantress Shane

Enchantress Shane is a spiritual teacher, behaviorist, community leader, educator and guide sensitive folks who love to learn and mindfuck, Her mission is to guide people who know they must get out of their comfort zone, without self sabotaging, second guessing, or avoiding the thing all together (relationships, communication, creativity, business) She coaches privately, in groups, at retreats, workshops and conferences. She guides people to feel safe being seen in their intimacy, passions, and creativity.

Shane lives her life committed fully to her own self development and on her personal edge, she lives in The Rockaways with her dog Cooper.



"Video vixen made it liberating to show up, be seen, be heard, to see and to hear others. It helped me to relinquish some of my perfectionism armor that keeps me stuck in fear and procrastination. One more thing: it’s antidote for my terminal uniqueness. I found that I have more in common with others than I thought."

- Johari

"All the sides of me are coming out with this Video Vixen Challenge!... I love that you prompt us to go live on Thursdays too I’m never leaving this group ever! Thanks for creating this amazing space, you fabulous, gorgeous goddess!"

- Francis Mary

"One thing I love about this challenge, is it made me a lot braver and not worried about being perfect"

- Jessica

"This challenge changed everything for me! I don't think I would have had the teaching opportunities I got, you taught me to show up as a video vixen and to get away from being a perfectionist!"

- Hazel

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Feel ALIVE, GRATEFUL, and CONFIDENT AF in front of the camera (and in your life!)