You are a sensitive Goddess who desires support for your next level of creative projects, and you desire to get ideas out of your head, and into actuality.


You are living as your MOST ICONIC VERSION of yourself


This club is for you if:

  • You don't want to go through the vicious highs/lows of comparing yourself to other women
  • You're in your head thinking nobody wants to see more of you "you're a has been"
  • You're acting out on everyone else's strategies and advice but none of it is working anymore
  • You feel trapped in your current environment and have dreams of traveling & working on your passion projects but you have no clue HOW to make that happen

Eight things you'll get from joining Trust Club:

1. A vast sense of curiosity, even when you're in the biggest unknown place.

2. A deep trust in how you move through your day, what you say, who you choose to spend time with, and a trust in whatever you create in the world, that it has a healing impact

3. You'll be the more iconic version of yourself, the version of you that is a relaxed leader, harmonious in your masculine and feminine energies

4. You will be challenged to stretch and do what has to be done to improve your results.

5. You will have placed yourself in a position to receive an incredible level of support from super successful Enchantress Shane. She isn't just talking about big ideas, she lives her life in this exact way. Graduates and clients also have their own iconic successful lives

6. You’ll discover ways of thinking, studying and being that cannot and are not taught by anyone else. Success and leadership the enchanted way are a one of a kind, there is no linear model of one size fits all here.

7. A lightness and belief that when nothing is certain, you'll know and trust that everything is possible

8. You will add the Shane influence and direction to your life, where you are now, and where you are headed.


Clients have completed

  • Successful heart-based online businesses (coaches, mentors, astrologer business, self care-product businesses, art therapists, play therapists to name a few)
  • Giving meaningful paid classes and events
  • A one-woman show
  • A confident (money-making) art career
  • A life living in different exotic places
  • Leaving the corporate world to be a full-time entrepreneur

Clients of Shane's are:

  • Owning their radically authentic choices; stopping the self-doubting
  • Living an enchanted life feeling organized, and ready for new opportunities no matter how much or what is going on
  • Feeling physically lighter, and in moments of stress, they have been able to quickly see the lesson, and move it right along
  • Getting a total pleasurable fucking kick out of themselves!
  • Receiving awards and receiving them as a confident woman!
  • Being chosen to run an art space
  • Being given gifts (items and money, just because) and being open to receive them!
  • Showing up and having the skills to have ugly conversations and feel GOOD about them
  • Having a break up and handling it like a true Goddess to include her grief, her joy, her playfulness and her frustrations

Queen Daris, Community Leader & Inner Circle Sister

"I have built up so much courage from being a part of this course. I don't mind being seen, I'm doing things I'm proud of, and I feel like I can walk out and do ANYTHING that I want to do"


Heather Hz, The Frequency Fairy & Founding Member

"I got the courage to start my freelancing career and now I'm working on projects for an amazing company where I can work from anywhere in the world -- on my time!"


Benefits of Trust Club

  • TRUST is the actual elixir of success. This program deeply covers the practice of TRUST
    It is the secret elixir of the most successful
  • Your self worth will SURGE, and you won't take the same bull shit you have for years
  • You'll have IRT (in real-time) tools that have you being assertive and not avoiding important conversations
  • You'll dig into deeper truths into and get hacks to use hiding as a superpower
  • We dive into getting to know your inner parts to overcome fears & resistance

  • Enchanting realistic action steps: What to do, and how to dance with the practical "what's next" and the inner self "now what?!"
  • Visible evidence of when you trust yourself, get activated in your body, mind, and spirit, your business, creativity, and love life and money all expand!

What can be 100% guaranteed in this club?

You'll go beyond your expectations, and live your upgraded self!



  • All modules in this Digital Academy - This course is filled the most potent rituals, activations, and enchanted power processes to help you live in your star leadership quality self and, bring your unique creativity into life. You have lifetime access to these enchanted modules even as they get updated with new material!
  • LIVE Sacred Session Group meets - You have sacred sessions once a week. 2 x1:1 calls with Shane.
    Group Immersion - We have sacred time to celebrate our wins, discard the shit, and take in-the-moment challenges, that lead to direct breakthroughs. Shane hosts hot seats that heighten visibility and hold you accountable and get you attention and feedback on your project.
    • There are outstanding guest teachers lined up monthly to lead us in masterclasses of embodiment, emotional, technical, business, art & creativity.
  • Accelerator sessions with Shane - You will meet with Shane and your duet Sister to do accelerated inner work and get finite details of your project and progress. You have options to upgrade and add sessions as needed.
  • Duet Sister Calls - You get and give support with your duet sister weekly. You'll use duet sister guidelines, and co-work to get shit done during this time. This is your bestie to keep yourself accountable and out of hiding and mindfucking. You'll also work on your projects together in a way that fits your personality and helps you both fuck fears that keep you safe, small, and overlooked.
  • The Enchantress Hotline - A private and active space to use all the power tools & practices amongst other enchantresses (hosted in a group Whatsapp channel). It's a direct hotline to sacred sisterhood and connection.
  • A private "Trust Club" Facebook Group Community - This group is an equal part of you being in this club, showing up to share updates, ask questions, do the challenges and use the pussy power tools is pivotal to your success. Using the time in between sessions is HOW to show up to keep momentum.

Treat Yourself to Trust Yourself

Gold Membership -

What's included in this 4-month program:

  • 16-week Trust Club module trainings
  • 4x Group Coaching Calls per month
  • Get set up and meet with your duet sister
  • A Private Trust Club Facebook Group Community
  • A Group Enchantress Hotline via Whatssap

Jess, Inner Circle Sister

"It's helped me get so much more done and discovered that I'm braver than I think I am!"

Your Instructor

Enchantress Shane
Enchantress Shane

Enchantress Shane is a spiritual teacher, behaviorist, community leader, educator and guide sensitive folks who love to learn and mindfuck, Her mission is to guide people who know they must get out of their comfort zone, without self sabotaging, second guessing, or avoiding the thing all together (relationships, communication, creativity, business) She coaches privately, in groups, at retreats, workshops and conferences. She guides people to feel safe being seen in their intimacy, passions, and creativity.

Shane lives her life committed fully to her own self development and on her personal edge, she lives in The Rockaways with her dog Cooper.


Shane's Sacred Agreement With You

I commit to show the fuck up for you. I commit to hearing about what your passionate about and guide you to live into your purpose and your unique potential. I am here to hold space for your fears and help you fuck them in a way that is so sneaky that it's painless. I naturally see you in your greatness, and I'm here to guide you to self actualize through your purpose project, using the ten commandments of fucking your fears success system, so you can have a living product, service, project or offer living in the world that authentically represents you, and people benefit from it.

This accelerator style club, is here to help you stop fucking around and to surprise yourself with breakthroughs, relaxation and getting shit done!

I declare that after you begin trust club, you will find yourself in amazement of what's possible, and you will have something living and breathing in the world that will prove to your inner critic that you have your shit together.

Powerful benefits from this work extend far beyond this club itself.

Claim the space for YOUR IDEA to live. YOU, Your dreams, creativity and talents DESERVE to be liberated!

This is why I am offering deep, holy, transformation now. This is the most powerful time to receive love and guidance on your trusted path.

I am 100% committed to your RESULTS.

Enchantresses to the main stage, please...


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to Trust Club Modules?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the club?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a 80% refund. All deposits are non-refundable. This is a group program, your presence matters, if you feel this is not a good fit, you will have a conversation with Shane, to work through any resistance, sometimes fear and self-doubt can blind the hope and possibility that you felt when you said YES!
What if I want to upgrade mid month?
Upgrades and re-enrollments happen at the beginning of the month to keep the sanctity of the group. As soon as your interested in upgrading, you can let Shane or client services know, so you can get your private deep dive sessions on the calendar ASAP.

Get started now!