Fuck Your Fears, The Courage Course

Live with total permission, to be your radically authentic self and bring your creative gifts into the world!

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Your Instructor

Enchantress Shane
Enchantress Shane

Enchantress Shane is a spiritual teacher, behaviorist, community leader, educator and guide for women and men who need support, coping skills and mindset shifts to life can be lived with more ease, empowerment and connection. She coaches women and men privately, in groups, at retreats, workshops and conferences. Shane knows that the masculine and feminine wounding that is part of this society's programming, can be temporary and is passionate about supporting those that are willing to work with their shadows. She guides people to feel safe being seen in their intimacy, passions, and creativity. To reach out to Shane and her team email: [email protected]

Fuck Your Fears, The Courage Course

The potential leader in you is SCREAMING to get out! You can learn the voices of resistance in you, nourish them, and then your inner Enchantress can step forward proudly and with ease, maybe you have not met the Enchanted Goddess in you, she is FULLY resourced, owns her shit, and knows her needs, and how to get them fulfilled.

Who is Fuck Your Fears For?

  • You creative ideas that needs to be birthed in the world
  • You are wanting to get shit done, and be able to sing "I got my shit together"
  • You have been resting and working on yourself a lil' bit too long
  • You hear yourself complaining and sharing old stories of victim, and can't seem to help it, you wonder if you are too fucked up to do anything about it
  • You are smart and believe your lies about not being ready or needing more rest
  • You second guess communication choices, and do not have clear boundaries when saying "yes" or "no" in making commitments in your relationships
  • You are still a people pleaser, and put others first to avoid confrontations, so you avoid talking about money and avoid committing to your passion based creativity and business

  • You hide your creativity and do not take action because you fear people judging you as stupid (who the fuck do you think you are?)

  • You are sort of freaked out about charging money
  • The mundane life is NOT working for you, you want to feel turned on in life, but deep inside you're watching life pass you by quickly
  • You enjoy group activities, but often feel socially awkward, too sensitive and come home exhausted, taking days to recover, so maybe you don't really leave your house except for work
  • You have a desire to be your own boss and you have little or no idea of the "HOW" and as soon as you get your hopes up, you talk yourself out of it
  • You secretly think you are going to get in trouble by some authority figure that your not sure even exists
  • You keep thinking you need more healing, before you take any actions or lead anyone, so you keep chilling and working on yourself
  • You compare yourself to others, deeply care about what people think of you, (but would never admit it)
  • You keep doing research, and use the word "donation" or "sliding scale" and secretly don't think you can actually earn an income with your gifts this way

Who is this Showdown NOT for?

  • A woman who wants to stay in her habits and defend them
  • The victim who believes and wants to keep the old victim stories as current
  • A woman who wants to shop around and get stuck in research mode looking endlessly for a mentor or coach and NEVER committing
  • A woman who has bad habits and is not willing to work on changing them
  • A woman who constantly disagrees, just to be right, and are not willing to try something new
  • A woman who likes fighting, and has given up on her dreams for drama
  • The woman who is not willing to use her imagination in a powerful way
  • The frumpy woman who doesn't see the purpose of playing and being playful
  • A woman who recoils at the word "Pussy" or "Goddess" and refuse to engage with these words
  • A woman who is a know it all, and are unwilling to learn anything new
  • A woman who complains who LIKES complaining
  • A woman who is unwilling to spend money and time on herself, and see no way that can change. A woman who is committed to "being broke."

  • A woman who does not trust or believe in magic

Enchantress Shane guides you to transform your emotional fears via your inner child, so you can master the art of being authentic, genuine and feel the permission to become the most enchanted version of yourself AND lead, and be witnessed by others.

Graduates of Fuck Your Fears, The Courage Course have birthed;

  • An online business
  • Ongoing paid classes
  • A celebrity style presence online that feels authentic and GIVES them energy
  • A one woman show
  • An confident enough art career

    Graduates of Fuck Your Fears experience:

  • Owning their authentic awesome sexiness
  • Relaxation in order to make "right" choices
  • Compassion for annoying people (even family members) and how to not feel obligated to spend too much time
  • Knowing their inner children to clue in as WHAT to do when they are stuck
  • Feeling physically feel lighter, and in moments of stress, they have been able to quickly see the purpose and move it right along
  • How to get total fucking kick out of themselves! They know how to translate others peoples throw away comments, and see them as gold!
  • Believing that they can do and receive anything whether they have a business or not
  • Create opportunities to shine, even in the most "mundane" moment
  • Appreciate and enjoy and see the pleasure of being with other women in a container
  • Receiving radical support, and have high stakes conversations that involve high emotional states
  • Knowing their resistance and having a relationship with their most resistant parts so they can be involved and not run the show
  • MASSIVE breakthroughs during sacred sessions, and get witnessed in becoming a mother fucking ninja with areas of: boundaries, money talk, relating with family, making decisions from a "fuck yes" or a "hell no," and radical self awareness (which is so fucking magnetizing!)
  • Become leaders (and like it!) in their business and community
  • Having online visibility for their own benefits; including owning their business, producing art, curating events, and making friends!

What happens in this Fuck Your Fears Course?

  • Shimmy and strut out of your comfort zone, in real time during our sacred sessions
  • You'll dig into deeper truths into why you are disconnected from your desires, your fabulosity, and upgrade your self worth, and get hacks to get out of hiding
  • We dive into getting to know your inner child and all that she brings to the table
  • Tools when to know if fear is real or bullshit moments as well as moments that feel like its make or break time
  • Enchanting realistic action steps: What to do, and how to dance with the practical "what's next" and the inner self "now what?!"
  • Visible evidence of when you love yourself, get activated in your body, mind and spirit, your business, creativity and love life and money all grow!

YES! Sign me up ASAP. I do not want to live a soul sucking life anymore!

What you’ll get in Fuck Your Fears, The Courage Course:

  • Private 1:1 sessions with Shane - Private sessions. Based on how best you learn and take in information and embody your best self, your sessions are tailored to meet your needs in showing up in this world. The pace at which you grow is up to you, Shane guides you to push your edge, and you must be a willing participant.

  • Weekly LIVE Sacred Sessions, lead by Enchantress Shane. We gather LIVE on zoom for our sacred sessions. It's the closest we can get to being in a candle lit cave where the Enchantresses gather. We have sacred time to celebrate our wins, discard the shit, and take in the moment challenges, that lead to direct breakthroughs, IN REAL TIME! Sharp questions from the verbal gun slinger herself, The Enchantress.

  • A private and dynamic facebook group. The more you use and show up in the group the more value you will get out of this showdown. This group is an equal part of you being in this course, showing up to share updates, ask questions, be vulnerable, support your sisters, do the challenges and use the pussy power tools is pivotal to your success. Using the time in between sessions is HOW to show up to keep momentum.

  • Enchanted Modules- These modules are the core to your soul sucking shit to end, you have life access to them. These are constantly being updated.

Module 1: Play with Your Inner Child

  • Gain power tools how to tap into your power and your brilliance via your inner child.
  • Healing and LOVING on your inner child, so she's not showing up to run your life and make your choices.
  • Discover patterns of being small and holding back words, holding back your bold visions and keeping isolated in your interpretations for what happened with you and to you as a child
  • Receive support and guidance around your joy, vulnerability and enchanted purposes

Module 2: Your Resistant Teenager

  • Learn your old patterns that lie in the shadows (and even the ones you know) and visualize, share and clear the old ways that keep you stuck and fucked and in hiding
  • Discover which stage is right for you and set your self up for success, practical and courageous steps to take
  • Feel your uniqueness that is undeniably creative, show it and bask in the glow
  • Learn to have loving fierce boundaries and communicate them
  • Practice and play with asking and receiving
  • Create daily rituals that you love

Module 3: Your Pussy Power - Masculine and Feminine

  • Learn masterful creative ways of getting into your feminine power, in the most sensitive and awkwardest of moments- dealing with power
  • Become masterful at the the video and speaking vixen. Shimmy into your glittery expert shoes and own that shit!
  • Discover the formula and your process for accessing your most powerful wisdom that you ALREADY have
  • Cultivate and excavate your inner well of immense and outstanding energy

Module 4: Go On Tour

  • Get your groovy and relaxed visible self out there! This is all about sustainability
  • This may be for your business, or how to give a smooth, calm and genius call to action, or how to use the energy form this one project to catapult the next adventure
  • Avoid the pitfalls of going back into hiding and playing small and insignificant
  • Learn how to sustain your energy, your creativity and take risks, no matter what!
  • Design your life with joy and pleasure, see yourself as a total riot and someone who deserves a standing O!
  • Gain laser clarity on your purpose using practical magic (laws of attraction, beliefs, and courage!

Dearest Enchantress (you),

I know you and feel you are ready to earn money from your genius, I love and desire and love helping others to have more of what they want. Most of this is reliant on your self worth muscles... I'm here to help you with the nuts and bolts of business, setting your shit up, doing it well for your needs and audience
You hide and have no idea how to come out of hiding and YOU KNOW if you did, your power would grow, and the accountability would help you grow, or at least you think you would.
You have many creative ideas and not sure what they can equal up to or how you can earn money from your gifts
You get overwhelmed with boundaries and setting yourself up to take opportunities AND create them

SAY YES Bonuses

Bonus 1: One bonus month of additional support and classes in the Fuck Your Fears, Courage Course Private Facebook Group (value $1800)

Bonus 2: Tech support for all your online visibility with Shane 1:1

Bonus 3: Audio books and references to grow your business that Shane LOVES and are must haves. This is priceless and always growing

Queen Daris, Graduate of The Courage Course

Course Curriculum

  THESE Times... Is it OK to promote and start a business (Pandemic Times)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Enchanted Shit to Buy
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days after you enroll


Let's get this party started!

Shane's Sacred Agreement

I commit to show the fuck up for you. I commit to being loving, to seeing you in your greatness, to standing up for your fierceness. I am LOYAL and will show you how amazing you are, and guide you out of hiding. I declare you after you complete working with me, you will find yourself in amazement of how far you've come, and you will have something living and breathing in the world that will prove to your inner critic that you have your shit together.

Powerful benefits from this expansive session extend far beyond The Ceremony itself.

Claim the space for YOU in your life. YOU, Your dreams, creativity and talents DESERVE to be liberated from a sticky cage of FEARS in relating to men and women. The impact of this work will spill into all areas of your life - finance, community, family. Step into the YOU that has always been there! Live from YOUR PLEASURE!!! Imagine that...


This is why I am offering deep, holy, transformation now. This is the most powerful time to receive love and guidance on your trusted path. NOW, right now.

To make an answer to this question easier, and prove to you that I am 100% committed to your progress and RESULTS.

I am ready to hold space for all your fears of not having time, money, or the energy of not doing a good job, and getting results.

  • Money will always adjust to what you desire
  • Don't only think with your "right now" wallet
  • When you say YES to yourself, the Universe says YES to you!
  • "What if's" will always be available to suck the life out of you

DON'T LET YOUR FEARS and "WHAT IF'S" run the show!

Enchantresses to the main stage please...


I BELIEVE IN YOU! And amongst other things, I believe you are amazing, and a whole and perfect human being Enchantress, now it's time for you to see and believe that too.

We come together to cause a cosmic shift in your fears and beliefs in putting your amazing soul into this world. You have a lifetime experience of being yourself, you have patterns that have been repeated over and over that keep you bummed and broke and lonely! STOP! Get those patterns by strong grip and be prepared to release them. DONE!

You are already ready, and I know there is a Goddess part of you that knows that, and you can always find reasons to put off working on yourself off, and believe them wholeheartedly.

Done self sabotaging, done with low self esteem, done with having no money and feeling broke ad broken. Stop that patterns now! I invite you with all my heart to stop that now, women are awesome and can do way more than we have been programed to believe.

You are not broken, nor fundamentally fucked up. I need you to know this. Can you agree? Wouldn't it be nice if you were willing to see the wounded parts of you and invited them to have a voice in your life Wouldn't it be nice if you believed you were worth investing in?

I want you to have the SIMPLE "tricks" get you to be more CONFIDENT, in loving power and seeing the difference from living a mundane life to an enchanted life

Stop making excuses on why you are not a good leader yet;

  • You can be empathic, and be a leader. You can be sensitive and be a leader. You can be scared and be a leader.
  • Imagine having people you want in your community, learning from you, joining your programs and feeling their own power, inspired by you
  • Beyond any programing and what you learned as a child, you'll see beyond childhood fantasies and fairytales that leave you thinking you suck

What do you do when your inner self looks like this? And on the outside, you show that you're just fine. Are you done living with you inner wars? With calling yourself all kinds of names? Are you done second guessing yourself hours after you made a decision?

Are you DONE being exhausted and drained from trying to do your business and showing your art with no success?

Good. The world is done with women playing small, feeling stupid, and staying in getting ready to get ready mode.

Take your fear energy, your frustration energy, and your angst and alchemize and enchant it into golden creativity and aliveness!

Learn to use the darkness of your inner teenager, as your reason to be of service, and throw yourself into all those ideas you dream about!


Enchantress Claudine says:

"Fuck your Fears is so amazing! Seriously, I am not a paid spokesperson at all. LOL. There's something truly magical and transformational that happens. I did not "have the money" to do this and "somehow" I did it. I am honored and grateful that I am a part of a powerful, amazing, talented, KIND, magical, inspiring, strong, uplifting, tender, fun, fabulous group of women. I could go on and on. Our "graduation" is next week and I am so proud of each and every one of us. If it calls to you, just please do it! You CAN make it happen. I BELIEVE IN YOU!"

J.M. Says...

"This was such a phenomenal experience for me. I got to witness some seriously amazing women take some huge leaps outside their comfort zones. Magical!!! ✨✨✨✨ "

Enchantress Janet says...

"I couldn't do all the challenges but the ones I did were thought provoking and inspiring. I am so grateful to be welcomed and allowed to be part of your world. Thank you Shane Kulman"

Enchantress Merissa says: "When we first spoke, I thought and said, "I can't afford it, I already have financial issues, how could I add this on?" Then I had my biggest breakthrough, I stopped saying, "I can't" especially when it comes to money, I'm more mindful, when I practice my gratitude and my fear of no money changed to appreciation. Now I'm making money every day from being in this course!"

Enchantress Shu says...

You guys this is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. It’s like rebooting your belief system on fears. - I NEVER would have thought I could have achieved what I did as of now, completing this program.

Enchantress B.G. says...

"I can't believe what I can share when I'm supported here! It's quite amazing, how quick I was able to breakthrough a really old pattern that was kicking me over and over again! These course already made me a superstar!" And before this course, pssshhhht, I was like SUPERVICTIM STAR. Like I could out victim anyone...

Course Curriculum

  THESE Times... Is it OK to promote and start a business (Pandemic Times)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Enchanted Shit to Buy
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This course runs all year, guest teachers are added and the modules are consistently available to be learned and re-visited. After you graduate the 4 month course, you will see if it feels right to continue.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a 80% refund. All deposits are non-refundable. This is a group program, your presence matters, if you feel this is not a good fit, you will have a conversation with Shane, to work through any resistance, sometimes fear and self-doubt can blind the hope and possibility that you felt when you said YES!

The Annie Mertz Scholarship - This is a 50% off scholarship. You get all the bonuses as you would get if you pay full price! Good luck!


Get started now!